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NameSilo Review

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NameSilo was founded in 2009. They offer, pretty much, the cheapest domain registration prices in the industry. How do they keep their prices so low? NameSilo focuses explicitly on domain registry and reselling. By utilizing in-house designed backend tools, NameSilo does not depend upon third party tools to manage domain names. An added benefit of using its own backend system is that domain transfers and registrations are not bungled, a rare problem throughout the industry of domain registry.

NameSilo is truly an innovator in the field when it comes to keeping overhead operating cost low. They don’t charge for domain locking/unlocking, API access, or enhanced domain security.

The Good

Overall, we had a lot of good things to say about NameSilo. Typically, domain registrars charge a lot for added security in the form of an SSL certificate. Even though NameSilo offers the DomainDefender, SSL certificates are not available through NameSilo.

We also liked the fact that domain renewals were as much as domain registrations throughout a client’s stay with NameSilo. Many domain providers, such as GoDaddy, do not offer consistent renewal promotions, making Name Silo a viable and affordable alternative. NameSilo also offered a very good customer support paradigm, with phone calls, especially ours, being answered right away.

Also, the free privacy on WhoIs is a great tool that many other companies charge as much as $11.99 a year for.

Most discount domain registrars sacrifice customer support. NameSilo’s website is very easy to navigate and has a knowledge base and contact information if a client needs help. Also, NameSilo also has a really easy domain management tool. The setup allows for the customer to automatically turn on and off automatic renewal, email forwarding, and park a domain. Another unique feature of NameSilo is the “subuser” for an account. Subusers can be individuals within an organization that also have domain access privileges for an organization’s domain.

The Bad

Even though the DomainDefender tool with NameSilo is formidable, many people will not visit a reputable site unless it has an SSL certificate. If a client wishes to integrate a domain name into a website building or hosting paradigm, they will have to forward or point the domain towards their website. Many users like to get their website, domain, and other services under one company.

NameSilo could do more domain resellers. On their “auction” page, many domains that were listed were cheaper than the domains sold directly through NameSilo’s domain registry service. For domain speculators, NameSilo might not be a good tool for domain investment and trading.

1. ICANN-accredited

This is one of the chief places to look at when verifying a domain name registering company. A domain registrar without  ICANN accreditation is like a host without a control panel. ICANN being the sole Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ensures that your business receives professional, stable, reliable and worth-paying for service from any reputed domain registrar you choose to go with. Namesilo’s ICANN-accreditation gives it an edge over any other cheaper competitor around.

2. Knowledgeable technicians

Namesilo did the right thing by employing only good technicians with a 100% rating in the technical know-how of this sensitive business. As long as the issue is reasonable and domain name related; the good tech-heads at Namesilo will always find a way to get themselves well-represented. There are no so many good domain registering companies with better tech support team than namesilo; judging from my own personal user experience.

3. Superior Support

I once encountered a problem when using the domain security features of Namesilo – my provided answers were rejected by the system to validate the security questions. I contacted the support team via email and got the issue resolved almost immediately. There’s both live chat and email support provided for both new and old customers. Namesilo have the kinda support team you can always rely on.

4.  Well-informed  DNS Management Tools

This is another good reason to switch to Namesilo, they have good tools for managing your Domain Name System (DNS). From A record tools to AAAA, CNAME, MX and TXT Records; Namesilo makes the act of DNS management so easy and fun to play around with.

5. Better DNS Configuration Utilities & Templates

Namesilo provides the kinda DNS management dashboard that makes switching to various online services easy and fun. For some reasons you might want to park and earn money from your domain name without paying a dime to Namesilo, they offer you a tool that makes this process almost effortless. There’s the template for switching to blogger, Google sites, Google Apps, 22Slides,, DudaMobile, Github, Squarespace, Tumblr, Weebly, Yola, Zenfolio and several other services at a click of the mouse button.

6. Awesome and User-friendly Interface

If there’s anything that helped pushed me away from GoDaddy, then it’s either their aggressive marketing strategy or their bloated management dashboard. This is one unique feature of NameSilo that beats that of GoDaddy and NameCheap hands down. No body takes a bloated and intrusive interface over a user-friendly one. With a management dashboard as simple and user-friendly as that of namesilo, you are going to set up a lot of things faster and much easier than having to deal with adverts and distractions.

7. Many Useful Add-on

Amongst other regular enticement like; cheaper transfer rate and coupon codes for new customers, Namesilo provides other premium Add-on to all users for free. Features such as;

  • Domain forwarding
  • Whois Privacy
  • Extra Security Features
  • Domain Parking
  • Open Source API
  • Simple Integration and
  • Whois Editing Rights

Comes free without any obligation and/or hidden charges. Unlike GoDaddy, where you are required to pay a premium for whois privacy; Namesilo provides whois privacy free for all customers. There’s also this other awesome Add-on  from Namesilo that made our news in the past; I am talking about the domain security and 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all customers.

8. Competitive Pricing

There isn’t any other alternative when their pricing is taken into account. You can’t get such affordable prices elsewhere (except from non ICANN-accredited registrar). Just going through their price list in a glance will blow your mind off! No doubt, they are one of the best around today and are also ready to serve their customers the right way.

Recent Update

Namesilo now supports the “free email forwarding” that has been the user’s outcry for a long time now. This was announced on their website and sent via newsletter to users on the 3rd of April, 2014.

Features included with the free email forwarding is as follows:

  • 100 email forwards
  • Catch-all email forward
  • Up to 5 addresses for each email forward
  • Advanced spam and virus filtering

You need not use outlook livemail again for email accounts except requested by your clients.

The Bottom Line

We found NameSilo’s domain registry services to be one of the best discount domain provider in the business. Some domain providers, such as NetworkSolutions, charges over $30.00 for some domains, likely to offset costs with hosting and VPS services. By focusing on just domains, NameSilo offers buyers the best prices when registering or transferring a new domain. It was also impressive that NameSilo offered bulk-pricing discounts, as many domain registrars often only offer bulk ordering without discounts.

We really liked the easy-to-use domain management tools offered through NameSilo. The radio buttons on their demo allowed users to see how easy it is to park a domain or to set it up for auto renewal.

We recommend NameSilo for its domain registry services. If a client wanted to set up a website, we would advise them to purchase domains with NameSilo, and used a managed service, such as SquareSpace or WordPress to setup an affordable web hosting platform.

NameSilo complete info:


NameSilo offers some of the most affordable domain registry listings in the industry. We found that, for the standard domain names, clients could get a .com, .net, .org, or .info domain name for the following prices:

  • $8.99/year for a .com domain.
  • $8.69/year for a .net domain.
  • $9.19/year for a .org domain.
  • $9.59/year for a .info domain.

For bulk pricing, NameSilo offers discount rates for the price of each individual domain purchased in a bulk order.

Additional Services Prices

  • Free lifetime WhoIs privacy.
  • Free Domain Defender to protect the website.
  • Domain Parking where clients earn 100% of the revenues earned off of a parked domain.
  • Domain management for easy DNS.
  • Custom WhoIs records.

Hosting Offered

NameSilo does not offer any type of hosting services. They only offer domain registration, focusing their resources on providing low prices for its customers.

Domains Supported

NameSilo supports .com, .co, .net, .info, .org, and multiple other web domain names, offering each at the lowest price allowed.

Accepted Payment Types

NameSilo offers the following payment methods:

  • All major credit cards.
  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer

Support Types

For its low prices, NameSilo offers many different support types. After digging a few levels into their website, we found a very friendly live chat feature. They also offer phone support and email support.

Additional Features

NameSilo offers several unique features and tools to help domain registrants and resellers:

  • One-click integration of a domain with a popular service, without complicated DNS management tools.
  • An easy-to-use and secure API integration tool to help customers with considerable automation requirements.
  • A domain history tool to track changes that are made to each domain.
  • Professional domain names that are appropriate for different businesses and services.
  • Free domain parking, allowing domain holders to keep 100% of the revenue earned from a parked domain.

NameSilo contact info

Company Contact Information

1010 E. Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: 602-492-8198

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