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Godaddy Coupon & Promo Codes March 2017

By using GoDaddy Coupon & Promo Codes live at I’m Coupon, you can simply save a lot of money and enjoy cheap domain registrations and transfers, cheap web hosting sign up, low cost GoDaddy SSL certificates orders and cheap domain and hosting reseller plan purchases from GoDaddy. Redeem the promo codes and enjoy huge savings.

What is Godaddy ? How to buy domain at Godaddy

All of our promo codes are tested daily to ensure that they are working. We work closely with GoDaddy to make sure we have the best codes available.

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– Some of the promos don’t require promo code to enter. You just need to follow link to get discounts.
– Not applicable to ICANN fees, taxes.
– Some promo codes may not accept Paypal.
Some tips:
– Clear all cookies and cache from your browser, re-login, add the code and retry.
– Maybe you need use a different browser / IP address / PC.
– Some coupon may still work when your currency is USD.
– If you was once used this coupon ago, it’s may not still work for next times.
– Ctrl+F for search the coupon you need.

For all of our regular GoDaddy promo codes you can click here. We also have promo codes for: Web Hosting, SSL certificates, and VPS Hosting (promo codes that work for shared hosting don’t work for VPS hosting plans, and vice versa).

If you have lots of domain names under your management, then we recommend that you join GoDaddy’s new “Discount Domain Club”. Essentially you join their club for $7.50/month (we have a code for 33% off club membership in our list below) and you get exclusive offers and discounts for your domain names. In case you’re wondering why we don’t just join the club, take the codes, and then give them to you: well, we tried that. The codes only work for people who are in GoDaddy’s VIP club. If you only have one or two domains, then the discount domain club doesn’t really matter all that much.

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Newest Godaddy Promo Codes March 2017

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Save 40% 1 April 2017
Save 35% 1 April 2017
Enjoy special discount 30% off on all products. 1 April 2017


0.991 April 2017
Bulk .COMs only $8.99/year (up to 5 domains)1 April 2017
.Info  just $1.49 per year!1 April 2017
.US as low as $1.Discount Domain Club Membership1 April 2017
On Sale! .BIZ now just $4.4/y1 April 2017
.NET just $8.99 per year! (can use for bulk)
Get $9.99 .CO Domains1 April 2017
Get $4.99 .NEWS Domains and .ORG Domains1 April 2017
Buy a new 1 year .CLUB domain for $14.99 and get the second year for FREE!1 April 2017
.IN  just $2.99 per year!1 April 2017
.US On Sale! $1.00/year1 April 2017
.NET  now $8.99/yr (can use for bulk’s)1 April 2017
.Org  now $3.72 per year!1 April 2017
$.99/y for  .De  domain, first year.1 April 2017
.Asia  as low as $3.99/y1 April 2017
.Info just $2.99 first yr !1 April 2017
Save 33% .xyz Domains1 April 2017
$8.99  .COM Domains1 April 2017
Keep - Domain Backorders1 April 2017


Get 12 months of Economy Web Hosting for just $1/mo (plus free domain net, org, info, biz, co) 1 April 2017
SAVE 50% Off Hosting Plans!1 April 2017
Managed WordPress hosting for just $1/m1 April 2017
Special Offer:  Personal Website Builder  for just $1.00/mo (Free domain)1 April 2017
.COM + Website Builder + Email  – Only $1.00/m1 April 2017
25% off on Standard SSL Certificates1 April 2017
Great discounts on SSL Certificates1 April 2017
$1 per month! Website builder, domain and email ! 1 April 2017
Buy 3 months Virtual Private Servers(VPS) and get 1 Month FREE!1 April 2017


Personal Website Builder for just $1.00/mo (Free domain)1 April 2017
.COM + Website Builder + Email – Only $1.00/m1 April 2017
Website Builder, Domain And Office 365 Email For $1 Per Month1 April 2017
Microsoft Office 365  now just $3.99/m1 April 2017
GoCentral Website Builder: One month FREE1 April 2017
Code Signing Certificate Up to 35% off1 April 2017
33% Off for GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping1 April 2017
SiteLock Malware Remove now only $11.62/y1 April 2017
35% Off  GoDaddy Auctions Membership  (just $3.24/yr)1 April 2017
GoDaddy Online Store – free 01 mo trial1 April 2017
Get  35%  off  Domain Backorder, Get Paid, Online Store, Express Email Marketing, Search Engine Visibility, Get Found1 April 2017
50% OFF Premium SSL Certificates1 April 2017
Up to 46% OFF Domain-Based Email ($ 3.49/mo)1 April 2017
Up to 35% off (just $23.32/y) for Premium DNS1 April 2017

Godaddy Renewal Coupon

Some of you may be all fed up with the lack of renewal codes flying around right now, and are willing to transfer your domain out to other budget-friendly domain registrars like Namecheap. Well, these promo codes will help you to save on domain transfers.

GoDaddy has discontinued many of their promo codes related to renewals. The result has been a mass exodus from GoDaddy (they have lost over 200,000 domain registrations in the past two months). However there are some renewal coupons and all-purpose coupon codes that will still work.
Again, we’re very sorry about GoDaddy’s recent decision to suspend all renewal promo codes. We will still try to give you all the best promo codes that will work for GoDaddy customers like you who are in this situation.
– Up to 27% on domain renewals. (.Com just $10.4)

Godaddy Renewal FAQ:

How Long Should I Renew My Domain For?

You can renew your domain name for as little as 1 more year to as much as 5 more years. If you find a great promo code (like the ones provided above!), then it might be more cost-effective to lock in the discounted price for up to five years. Five years is the maximum you can register a domain name.

Does Renewal Length Affect SEO (search engine optimization)?

There’s a belief out there that locking in your domain name for a few years signals to Google and other search engines that your website is focused on quality, and won’t be a spammy ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ type of website. Matt Cutts says that it’s not a factor in your search results. Renewing your domain for multiple years is definitely much more convenient, but it’s won’t increase your search engine rankings.

My Domain Name Just Expired. Can I Still Renew It?

After countless hours searching, we combed over GoDaddy’s rules for expired domain names, and we’ll lay them all out here. First, if you turn off GoDaddy’s default “auto-renew” feature, and your domain name expires, you have an 18 day grace period where you can still renew it for no extra cost. Why 18 days? We have no idea.

After 18 days, you can still renew your domain name, but there will be an $80 redemption fee (ouch!). This period lasts from day 18 to day 42. After day 42, your domain name will then go into a public auction where anyone can bid on the domain name. You can get the domain name back by bidding on it, but you will need to outbid everyone else. This is a very risky way to get your domain name back.

If My Domain Name Has Expired, Can It Still Be Transferred?

According to ICANN regulations, if your domain name has just expired, you can still transfer your domain name if it is expired. So if you want to switch domain registrars, you don’t have to pay for renewal at your old domain registrar before transferring it over to your new registrar.

Is It Better To Renew One Domain Name At a Time or Renew Multiple Domains?

Most of the time, you will save more if you renew multiple domains at the same time. Many GoDaddy codes have a “minimum purchase”, and the more you buy, the higher the percentage of savings. So renewing a few domain names (and other products like hosting and website builders) at the same time will create more savings. Just don’t let your domain names expire while you’re waiting, or you may get hit with that terrible “redemption fee” we mentioned earlier.

When I Renew, Can I Change The Domain Name from WWW to non-WWW?

You don’t have to wait for renewal to do this. In fact, you can do it at anytime. Just go to Domain Manager->Manage DNS and you’ll see the CNAME record about halfway down the page. Make sure that the “WWW” points to “@” (see image below) and then both the WWW and non-WWW versions of your URL will work just fine.

Someone Bought My Domain Name via Auction. Can I Still Get It Back?

This actually happened once. I purchased a domain name via auction, and a few days later I received a phone call from the previous owner. It was a small company and they had unknowingly let their domain name expire. I transferred it back to them, and they were very grateful. I didn’t pay very much for it, so I didn’t ask for any compensation.

But this situation depends on the kindness of the domain purchaser. They hold all the cards. After they purchase the domain, their contact details can be accessed via the WHOIS database. You can contact them and ask for the domain name back. But it is entirely up to them whether they decide to help you out or not. They may ask for a lot of money, or just flat out refuse to return it. That’s why you should make sure you renew your domain name early (or renew for multiple years) so that you never have to be in this situation.

Godaddy Transfer Coupon

Some of you may be all fed up with the lack of renewal codes flying around right now, and are willing to transfer your domain out to other budget-friendly domain registrars like Namecheap. Well, these promo codes will help you to save on domain transfers.

About GoDaddy

Within 15 years, GoDaddy has become one of the most popular hosting companies on the Internet. The company is based in Arizona. According to reports, GoDaddy manages more than 50 million domains. It is worth mentioning that the company’s services are not just limited to domain registration. The company even offers web hosting and ecommerce services.

While using the company’s website, you should login with the username and password. You will come across many different applications and services, such as auctions, email android, Outlook settings and more. In recent years, GoDaddy has been increasingly popular for its affordable prices and exceptional customer service.

GoDaddy is considered one of the leading hosting companies. It provides various services. Some of these include website development, email, customized email addresses, spyware and virus protection, ecommerce applications, search engine optimization, SSL certificates and more. These services provide numerous benefits to a business organization.

GoDaddy recruits only qualified, experienced and skilled professionals to handle its services. Unlike the other companies, GoDaddy does not outsource services and compromises quality. With GoDaddy, you’re always assured of high quality services. The company offers many different plans to suit varied needs, requirements and budget.
Customers and clients who want to build websites can benefit from the company’s plans on choosing services like pre designed templates, services hosting, email marketing and more. When it comes to domain registration, GoDaddy is already considered a pioneer organization. Since its services are affordable, even small business organizations can benefit from them.

GoDaddy offers exceptional customer service. Its professionals are always willing to help you out. It’s the perfect choice when you want to transfer a domain name or register a new one. Moreover, you can save your hard earned money with GoDaddy coupons. These coupons can get you great discounts on many different kinds of services.

GoDaddy on: Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter.

Phone Support
United States: (480) 505-8877, (480) 463-8300
Italia: +39 02 9475 6520
United States: (480) 505-8877
Philippines: 1 800 1 110 1798
United Kingdom: +44 20 7084 1810
Canada: 866 938 1119
India: +91 40 49187600
Brasil: +55 21 3956 9989

(get all phone support number)

Godaddy Address:  14455 North Hayden Rd Suite 219, Scottsdale AZ 85260, United States

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